Rhianna is a writer, actor and film producer. She was raised in a small, rural town in Mississippi where she spent her childhood reading books, playing sports, and pondering the difference between compound and complex sentences.

After attending college at The University of Mississippi and receiving a BA in English Literature, she was hired for a year-long internship at a local community theatre. It was there—amidst the mothballs, sawdust, and pipe smoke—Rhianna became a storyteller. 

In the summer of 2006, she auditioned for the Performing Arts Department at The Savannah College of Art and Design and was accepted on an Artistic Fellowship into their MFA program. Since graduating from SCAD, she has performed in local and regional theatre in the Southeast, trained with the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles, and acted in feature films and television.

In 2012, Rhianna started blogging as a way to showcase her writing clips. Later that year, her professional writing career officially began when her best friend—who also happened to be the Managing Editor at South Magazine—asked if she would be interested in being a contributor. Several issues, articles, blog posts, and copywriting gigs later, Rhianna calls herself a bonafide writer these days. Currently, she's hard at work on her first novel, tentatively titled, Sootery

In her spare time, Rhianna enjoys anthropomorphizing her cat, going bra-less, and compulsively vacuuming her house. She believes open container laws—when used responsibly—are the key to happiness; and to her everlasting regret, she'll never be the kind of woman who can pull off a mismatched bathing suit.